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Window Business Market Size in USA Blinds1

Window Business Market Size in USA

In an ever-growing world that’s getting better in every context, the living and working conditions have improved substantially. With customers having new needs for aesthetically pleasing home and work spaces, the window market is evolving. And the U.S window market keeps getting bigger and better to cater to all these needs.

Trade trends:

The global window trade in 2016 amounted to a total of $15.2 billion. Out of which $768 million was window export from the United States, accounting 5% of total trade. U.S. sector exporters are maintaining their global market share and are well positioned to capitalize on anticipated growth in the international market. With support from the International Trade Administration, U.S. exports to 78 international markets and 108 local markets.

Export markets:

54% of window exports from the U.S go to Canada while an additional 9% go to Mexico. They are the biggest importers of windows from U.S followed by Russia, Australia, Afghanistan and Japan. USA has a Free Trade Agreement with many nations like Canada, Mexico, Australia, Korea, Israel, Colombia and Peru which helps reduce barriers between countries and also protects local markets and industries.

Export portfolio:

Windows, frames and thresholds made from iron and steel contributed to 34% of sector exports in 2016 while aluminum windows and frames took up 17%. Plastic ones were also 17%, wooden frames and thresholds being 12%. Wooden windows, French windows and frames were 9% and the rest was for the shutters, blinds and other parts of plastic.


Windows exported from the United States sell well in developed as well as developing countries, regardless of proximity. Most market competition arises in countries where the U.S has no prior trade agreements or reduced barriers. Despite that, the US market is undefeated in terms of quality, efficiency and durability. Hence the branding.

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