Why BMSLink?

Reduce admin and schedule appointments more easily

Finding paperwork takes time, and time is money. But with BMSLink, you can generate prices instantly without using price tables. With your existing manual process, it could take you five minutes to find paperwork for each inquiry. Get ten sales inquiries a day and you’ll cut your admin time by 70%.

You’ll also save time by glancing at all your appointments in one place, viewing them by day, week or month and adding them on the go.

Maintain excellent customer service and win repeat business

Respond to your customers instantly and improve your customer service ratings. Forget spending days looking for customer records and responding slowly to customer queries. Pull up customer histories within seconds: check their account detail, see what and how much they’ve bought and how long they’ve been a customer. All of which encourages customers to come back for more.

Improve advertising effectiveness and increase sales conversion rates

Can you measure your advertising spend? BMSLink can tell you if your advertising is working and how many inquiries it’s generating. You’ll get a report that tells you the ratio of expenditure and earning. Then you can adjust your advertising as necessary and put your money where it’s most effective.

Improve quoting accuracy and eliminate costly mistakes

With BMSLink, you can choose whether the job is a quote or order, add customer contact details, and choose which rep or fitter you want to send out. When you add order status, customer type and titles, you automatically create a database in your system.

Easy estimating and invoicing to help improve cashflow

With all key functions centralized, you can calculate costs and view prices within seconds. So you can generate invoices instantly and email the client directly. You’ll spend less time on admin tasks and more time chasing new business.

See how your business is doing when you’re away

BMSLink software runs over the Internet. That means you can log in even when you’re on holiday. You can see where all your reps are, how many orders you’ve made, and how much money has come in. You’ll save time, money, and effort and have peace of mind knowing your business is running smoothly even while you sleep.