Why BMSLink?

Work from anywhere on one systems that houses many solutions

A cloud-based application for wholesalers and retailers that processes and stores data online which provides more reliability and uptime whether you’re in the office, showroom, warehouse or on-site with customers. BMSLink solutions provide many solutions to support day-to-day business operations.

Reduce manual administrative work, decrease the amount of paper trail and work more efficiently

Finding paperwork takes time and time is money. With BMSLink, you can simplify your existing process to reduce operational costs while removing redundant work.

Track customer details, appointments and important documents in a more efficient way

House customer, dealer and wholesaler details all-in-one spot. Respond to your customers instantly, increase customer excellence and retention. Have the ability to set-up customer apppointments in the system with SMS and email capabilities. The ease of communicating with customers has never been better with improved responsive time.

Improve advertising effectiveness and increase sales conversion rates

Measure advertising spend and count of inquiries generated. Reporting provides ratio of expenditure and earnings, as a result, adjust your advertising for more effectiveness.

Accurate multi-quote comparison improves customer experience and eliminates costly mistakes

Productive end-to-end order management process allowing organizations to work more effectively, and the ease of communicating with customers while improving responsive time when finalizing orders.

Easy estimating and invoicing to help improve cashflow

With key functions centralized, there will be the ability to calculate costs to view prices within seconds. Generate invoices instantly and email clients directly with a push of a button, while reducing the amount of administrative tasks to spend more time chasing new business.

One system houses many solutions: BMSLink for wholesalers and retailers provides many solutions to support day-to-day business operations

A cloud-based application that processes and stores data online which provides more reliability and uptime anywhere at any time – get the data you need from a single source. Become more effective, improve communication and overall user experience. Our software empowers your team to increase productivity and improve your customer’s experience.