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Drapery Software  What Is Drape Software, And How Does It Work BMS blog1 sept

What Is Drape Software, And How Does It Work

Have you ever thought of simplifying your business operations so that you can focus on other important tasks? What if you have a software solution that helps you generate quotes and prices remotely? You will be able to save a lot of time and reduce the chances of error.

If you cannot manage your Window Coverings and Drapery business with ease, it’s better to invest in Drapery Software and see how it will improve your business performance. Your profit will significantly increase because you won’t have to face the loss due to missed sales or errors in quoting. And the software is easy to operate.

How does Drapery Software work

You don’t have to worry about the working of the software, easily come to know how to use it. You can create quotes in a few simple steps. Also, you don’t have to give much input to the software and see how quickly it will do whatever you require.

Step1: Collect customer requirements

You will get proper guidance from the software when it comes to collecting the information you are required to quote for swags, curtains, shades, blinds, drapery, and tails. Your task will only be to type and choose the suitable options. In case you forget to add anything important, the software will do it for you.

Step2: Calculate

Think of the time that you waste in calculating quantities, profit, margins, prices, etc. Now with the help of Drapery Calculator Software, you don’t have to worry about long calculations. The software has a built-in calculation function along with your margins. You have to only update the software with your own price list and fabric cuts and leave the rest for the software to do.

Step3: Quote, Order, Instruct, Report

It is not easy for you to manage everything if your running is a window covering business. There is a lot which you already need to manage, control, and decide. And along with all the management-related work, if you need to look after purchase and sales orders manually, chances of error increase.

Therefore, buy Drape software that will automatically help you generate purchase orders, quotes, worksheets, reports, and important instructions with the help of document templates. In addition to this, you can easily review it if you want.

Step4: Collect essential data and utilize it for business management

Gathering data and using it to manage your business is also a cumbersome task. So, allow the drape and blind software to do it for you. It quickly centralizes all the information from your sales consultants. Also, the software gives you the benefit of tracking your orders, responding to your customers’ inquiries, and checking the performance of all your employees at any time you want.


When software that is easy to buy and operate comes with multiple benefits, a business owner should never miss the opportunity to buy it. The Drapery Calculator Software simplifies the calculation, generates quotes, simplifies tracking, and takes on-time orders for smooth business flow.


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