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Shades Wholesaler Software Online  Vital Features of a Shades Wholesaler Software Online SMP 26 a

Vital Features of a Shades Wholesaler Software Online

Managing a wholesale distribution business wherein you have to take care of the needs of scores of Retailers and customers is not easy. You have to keep an eye on stock at all times and ensure that shortage scenarios can be avoided as much as possible. One of the tools that can help you with that goal is a Shades Wholesaler Software Online that will help you to track inventory, manage business relations and earn a profit.

If you are looking for such a software, you should ensure that you remember the following features before making the purchase decision.

  • Perfect Purchase Optimization

The first thing you need to look for is purchase optimization. When you process orders on time, it will be a relief for you and the Retailers. Seek a software that helps you to manage inventory, maintain optimized levels of inventory, ensure the right stocking levels, and lets you have the right incoming and outgoing of products. When you have the right purchase and sales information via the software, it will allow you to do a SWOT analysis and forecast better.

  • Better Visibility

When looking for the right software, make sure that you seek one that helps enhance the visibility of products during the shipment process. You and your employees must be able to track when the products have left the starting point, where they are during the transit, and when they are expected to reach the destination. It will usually help in achieving a shorter delivery time and avoid high fuel costs.

  • Improved Fulfilment

If you supply products in wholesale, you need to ensure that you meet the expectations of the Retailers and end-customers. For that, you need to make sure that all the products are packed according to the instructions or requests shared by either. When you meet the specific instructions thanks to the Shades Wholesaler Software Online, you will enhance your reputation and boost the base of retained clients.

  • Enhanced Reporting

Tracking the goods when you have a wholesale business can be a tiring job as you supply products in bulk to many customers at once. So, manually creating reports of which products were delivered when and to whom can be quite tiresome for some people. When you have a software, it will be done automatically as all the data will be available at one destination. Using that data, anyone can generate reports quickly and use the same to predict future orders and prepare for the same.

  • Integrated Tools

If you select the right software, you will be able to integrate other tools like QuickBooks into it and make the life of your staff easier. It will surely help in enhancing your employer’s reputation, provide a boost to the loyalty of existing ones and help attract more talented people to your organization. Integration of different software is also good news for the owner or business manager as you will be able to align the internal processes of the company with the business goals and help enhance the overall development of the company.

If you want to buy a Shades Wholesaler Software Online that meets the criteria mentioned above, you should think of buying BMSLink software that has all the said features and a lot more. It is the reason most Shades and Blinds Wholesalers trust it implicitly to manage the business with ease and effectiveness. It also helps you to save time and costs associated with operations along with helping you to boost revenue figures. Trust it once, and you’ll never look back. For more information on how to purchase the software or try it for free, call us and let us guide you.


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