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Blinds Software  The Features in Blinds Software that make Businesses Profitable 10

The Features in Blinds Software that make Businesses Profitable

Getting the best Blinds Order Management Software is vital if you want to manage your business efficiently and create accurate orders. The software importantly can be used in various departments in the window treatment business ranging from sales to production. However, management software for a window treatment business often comes with a variety of features. To find which features are favored by Wholesalers and Retailers, continue reading.

Tracking of Appointments

With Wholesalers and Retailers having to deal with multiple appointments every day, keeping track of every one of them can be challenging. Also, sales agents have to ensure that each appointment is handled in time and customers are contacted over the phone or visited at home. The best Blinds Order Management Software ensures that no appointments are missed as each can be tracked. The software also provides managers and appropriate sales agents with alerts and reminders which ensure that appointments are not forgotten and appropriate action is taken for each.

Creation of Multiple Quotations

One of the features that Retailers in the window treatment industry often look for is the ability to create multiple quotations. When this feature is provided in the best Blinds Order Management Software Retailers can create several quotations for customers who can then easily choose products that they need. Retailers with the aid of multiple quotations can also show customers the prices of different products such as blinds, shades, and shutters and they can take their pick according to their budget.

Sending of Bulk Emails and SMSs

The use of bulk SMS for marketing is increasingly becoming popular as it allows Wholesalers and Retailers to provide customers with the latest information. Bulk SMSs also have a higher success rate in terms of reaching customers and 98 percent of them are opened. All of these positive attributes make bulk SMSs and Emails popular with Wholesalers and Retailers. With the aid of Blinds Order Management Software, SMSs and Emails can be sent to customers and their responses recorded. Additionally, Wholesalers can use the bulk SMS/Email feature to reach out to retailers and suppliers whenever required.

Manage Customer and Retailer Information

Another feature that makes Blinds Order Management Software popular is its ability to easily manage customer and Retailer information. Information such as phone numbers, order details, delivery dates, and addresses can be managed with the software. This management of information ensures that duplicate records are not created and products can be tracked from the time they are ordered until they are delivered.

Detailed management of orders

Wholesalers and Retailers in the window treatment industry have to deal with hundreds of customers and products ordered by them. In many instances, orders can be forgotten or sent to the wrong department. Blinds Order Management Software allows for each order to be managed from the time it is placed by a Retailer or customer. This ensures that orders are not forgotten and are handled in time by the production department.  The efficient management of orders also ensures that products are created and delivered on time to customers and they are kept happy.

Calculation of Employee Commissions

Management of commissions due to sales agents is another feature that is increasingly beneficial to Wholesalers and Retailers in the window treatment industry.  The accurate tracking and calculation of commissions ensure that sales agents get their dues on time and no mistakes are made in the process.

Wholesalers and Retailers look for Blinds Order Management Software that has the latest features as it provides them with several benefits and helps them manage their businesses easily. At BMSLink Software we have several decades of experience in the window treatment industry and our software is designed to appeal to small businesses. Contact us to learn more about our software offering.

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