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The benefits of using top-notch blinds eCommerce software 01 01

The benefits of using top-notch blinds eCommerce software

Using blinds ecommerce software you can sell customized window treatments to customers online, expand your business’ reach and bring in more profits, all without breaking a sweat. Additionally, there are several other benefits that businesses get when they use the best software for ecommerce. We examine these benefits, and how retailers use them to grow their profits while ensuring stellar window treatments are installed on time.

Businesses gain more customers

Expanding operations and serving more customers is what most businesses aim to do. In the case of retailers of blinds and other window treatments, reaching more customers is often as simple as investing in ecommerce software and a website. These websites with shopping carts can be accessed from anywhere in the country. Customers can then place orders and have window treatments installed within days at locations that are served by the business.

Blinds ecommerce software provides for granular control

When window treatment retailers use ecommerce software they retain full control of what the customer can order. So customers cannot order blinds that fall below a minimum width or exceed the maximum. Additionally, retailers get granular control of the prices displayed on the website and can change them according to colors, fabrics, and other options chosen by the customer. The software can also be used by retailers to change pricing as and when there are fluctuations in the market. This ensures that retailers never have to run a loss or fail to deliver when customers order on the ecommerce site.

Offers full customization options to customers online

Customers are familiar with shopping on ecommerce sites such as Amazon. Ecommerce software used by blinds retailers, provide a similar user experience to customers, and they can quickly choose from various products on offer. Customizing orders and choice of blinds by picking the fabric to be used, its color and more are also possible on such websites. Options available to customers can be dragged and dropped into place, and a preview of the final product is also provided so that they can make the right choice.

Seamlessly integrates with in house software

A big benefit of using high-quality ecommerce software is that it integrates completely with software used by wholesalers and retailers to manage their small businesses. This integration allows for orders received from the ecommerce website to be processed and delivered faster. The need for maintaining records and price tables on paper is also reduced and manual work is cut out.

Delivers excellent customer service repeatedly

With the aid of ecommerce software and a website, a retailer can deliver superior customer service without having to rely on human representatives. Appointments, when set up by customers, are handled promptly and this keeps them happy. Accurate ecommerce software also reduces problems that customers face when placing and paying for orders and customer satisfaction is kept high. High customer satisfaction rates and a positive experience ordering window treatments, ensure that customers come back to make orders in the future and remain loyal to the company.

Mobile compatibility delivers several advantages

Ecommerce software and websites are also mobile compatible, and they can be used easily on smartphones and tablets. As a result, customers can make orders on the go and never have to remain tied down to one place when selecting window treatments. Mobile compatibility also allows customers to choose window treatments from any corner within their home and even from the exterior. Customers, therefore, can easily check measurements, colors and choose the best window treatments with ease.

Fully integrated with digital and social media marketing

Easy marketing of window treatments can be carried out once they are on an ecommerce website. Retailers can use Google Adwords campaigns, on-page SEO optimization and even social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter to increase traffic to their website and improve sales.

Getting the best ecommerce software when you are a retailer of window treatments is easy as there are many such on offer. At BMSLink we have the necessary expertise and can help you pick the right ecommerce software for your needs. We can also help integrate ecommerce software with our cloud-based software designed for wholesalers and retailers. Contact us if you want to undertake a free trial and experience what BMSLink has to offer.

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