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Manage your Window Covering Business Virtually Anywhere with BMSLink  Manage your Window Covering Business Virtually Anywhere with BMSLink bms 16 nov

Manage your Window Covering Business Virtually Anywhere with BMSLink

The fact that BMSLink is a cloud-based system and a key differentiator that sets it apart from competitors. You’ve probably heard the term “cloud” with technology, but what exactly does it imply? In essence, a cloud management system is available at all times on multiple servers rather than being restricted to a single personal computer.

You are not tied to a single device to manage your window covering business because BMSLink is a cloud management solution. You could, for example, use a laptop computer to run your business while you’re at work. You get a call from a client who requests that you come in right away to discuss some much-needed blackout curtains or shades for their new office. You dash out the door, forgetting your laptop in the process, and don’t realize it until you arrive at the client’s office. What are your responsibilities?

Don’t be concerned! Because BMSLink is not tied to a single computer, you can continue to manage your business and assist your clients. It means that even if you travel to another state and stay in a hotel, BMSLink is available to you. Manage your clients, create sales orders, generate quotes, and generate invoices from wherever you are.

BMSLink is a cloud-based window covering software and management system that is both powerful and comprehensive. Our software simplifies the entire window covering process for professionals from start to finish by allowing for easy scheduling, creating sales and work orders in seconds, providing accurate quotes, and eliminating the hassle of ensuring accurate measurements, all while displaying your company’s name and logo.


Let’s have a close look at some of its features:

  • Easy task assignment:With the help of window treatment software, management can assign tasks to teams and employees quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, the business owner can monitor each task at any time to ensure that it is completed with care and meets quality standards. Because of the tracking simplifications, every assigned task can be completed ahead of schedule.
  • Improved communication:Window treatment software allows you to communicate more effectively with your clients and customers. Whether you’re trying to reach a specific customer or have an important meeting with a client, this software keeps you up to date so you don’t miss anything important.
  • Keep track of a variety of activities:Window treatments software can help you keep track of a variety of business activities such as inventory, accounting, and sales. As a result, if you can keep track of every activity properly, your workflow will improve. You can find out every detail about your business’s growth and make decisions based on it because it has an easy tracking feature.


Shades Software is also used by the blinds and shutters industries, in addition to window treatment software. If you run a similar business, it’s a good idea to move forward and use advanced shutter, blinds, and window software. For more information and to sign up for a free trial, go to BMSLink, or call us with any questions.

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