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How to Make the Most of Drapes and Blinds Software During Lockdown?

The coronavirus pandemic has forced hundreds of thousands of people to stay at home. This lockdown has also negatively impacted businesses as more and more companies are forced to close their doors or reduce operations to maintain the safety of the workers. If your drapes and blinds business is also down due to the lockdown, then you don’t need to waste all your time in stressing about it. Instead, you should learn how to make the most of Drapes and Blinds Software during the lockdown. Here are a few handy tips.

  • Get Rid of Old and Unwanted Data

Customer data is a useful tool for any business that helps it to grow. However, when this data is not updated, it can be redundant and pose problems for a business. Imagine approaching customers with a fresh sales pitch only to realize that the number you have dialed doesn’t exist. So, the free time in the lockdown should be used productively in ensuring and verifying that all the customer data is correct and accurate. All the outdated and redundant data should be eliminated.

  • Streamline Existing Data

After you have gotten rid of old and unwanted data, the next step is to streamline existing data to make the most of your Blinds Quoting Software. You should streamline the data smartly and give priority to loyal customers who have been there with the company for years and those customers who order huge amounts of blinds every year. If you are planning an expansion to other states, you can use the lockdown to collect data of potential customers in those states as well.

  • Prepare Content

Every online marketing or digital marketing guru will tell you that content marketing needs to be at the heart of your customer acquisition strategy. So, use the time of the lockdown by preparing good content on your own or asking your employees to do it remotely. Create a content strategy of how you will engage the target audience post the lockdown and how you will bring the old customers back. To ensure that your customers don’t forget your brand due to the lockdown, you can make some effort and let your customers know you are there by sending them newsletters, emails or SMS in bulk via the Drapes and Blinds Software.

  • Plan for the Future

In business, planning plays a vital role. Even if your business is shut down at the moment, the business will likely reopen after the restrictions are removed. You should be prepared for that day by ensuring that you have streamlined processes to tackle a sudden surge of growth or new orders. To do that, you should audit the existing processes, get employee feedback and invest in tools like Blinds Quoting Software to send quotes to multiple customers in one go.

Final Words

All in all, the answers to how to make the most of Drapes and Blinds Software during lockdown are quite simple. You can do all this and more if you invest in a reliable Blinds Quoting Software like BMSLink. The software is a boon for busy business owners, Retailers and Wholesalers who want to keep their business processes simple and grow the business further. It is a feature-loaded software that allows you and your employees to get and hold customer attention and manage most aspects of business such as appointments, production, inventory management, shipping, deliveries, sales commissions, customer data, etc. To know more about the software and its benefits during and post lockdown, feel free to call us.

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