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How Blinds Business Management Software helps Wholesalers run their businesses 04

How Blinds Business Management Software helps Wholesalers run their businesses

Keeping customers happy while boosting sales are goals that every business has, and the same is true in the window treatment industry. Wholesalers and Retailers of window treatments additionally have to manage their businesses efficiently every day. Below we examine how Wholesalers of window treatments are making use of Blinds Business Management Software and data stored in it, to achieve their business goals and boost sales.

Helps Wholesalers create quotes faster

Wholesalers who use software like BMSLink get an application that can handle everything from creating quotes to taking orders and managing customer data. The software allows all information about products, customers and the business to be stored in electronic format. Using the software employees have to do less manual labor to create quotes and instead pull all information about products from a database. Details about the size of the blinds, fabric, color, and design are contained within the database along with images and these are effortlessly pulled up with a few clicks. Employees can, therefore, deliver quotes to Retailers or end customers within minutes and do not have to refer to paper-based files. Ultimately, this results in orders being won faster.

Customer data is easily accessed

Data about customers such as contact information, and previous orders are stored within Blinds Business Management Software and the need for maintaining filing cabinets and files is reduced drastically. Wholesalers when taking orders from Retailers easily access this historic customer data and use it to create new blinds and other window treatments. As a result, both customers and businesses benefit, as discounts can be provided to returning customers and they are encouraged to remain loyal.

Customer data aids marketing campaigns

Increasingly it is being acknowledged that data provides businesses vital insights into how customers make purchasing decisions. Using this data about customers, businesses can create highly effective marketing campaigns that result in sales increasing. Easy access to customer data via software also allows businesses to analyze which products are more popular than others, and marketing campaigns can be created accordingly. Wholesalers can also deliver targeted marketing campaigns easily, to Retailers using the bulk emailing feature that such software provides.

Data is easily accessible and secure

When Blinds Business Management Software is in use data and each customer’s personal information stored within it is kept secure. Additionally, as the software is cloud-based small businesses do not have to worry about data being stolen from their office. This minimizes the chances of data being misused and improves customer service.

Cloud-based access to software and data

Window treatment Wholesalers who use software know that when it is based in the cloud they do not have to spend money on purchasing any hardware. They easily access the software in a state of the art cloud-based environment and do so via a browser. Cloud-based software also allows for customer data to be accessed and used from anywhere. So whether an employee is working in the office or the field, they can access the software and data on their laptop or a tablet. Orders can therefore be taken within minutes and sales closed before the competition arrives with their products.

Data helps improve customer service

Wholesalers of window treatments get a complete package when they invest in software provided by companies like BMS Link. The software importantly helps Wholesalers manage their entire business and not just one department such as sales or customer support. Data stored and accessed with the software is available throughout the business and all departments can access it easily. So once orders are made by customers the data associated with it can be used by another department, to deliver superior customer service. The same data is also helpful when customer issues crop up, as details about orders can be used to swiftly resolve problems and keep customers happy.

As with any other window treatment business, Wholesalers of blinds are looking for software to help them deliver better quality products to their customers. BMSLink understands the needs of Wholesalers and how data in order management software can help them. The software from BMS Link has several unique features that aid Wholesalers who have a small business and can even be integrated with QuickBooks to make the process of accounting easier. If you are a Wholesaler and want to learn more about BMSLink software contact us.

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