Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. You have 2 weeks of Trial ( If you decide to buy on day one then you have 30 day Money Back guarantee ).

If your company has computers for your employees, then you do not need to buy. You can use Laptop, Desktop, Tablet/iPad or your smart phone too.

Yes. You can get the orders directly from your website to the BMS Link application.

Yes it will and also you can use Quick Books integration.

No. You have to have internet connection to connect to the BMS Link application which is on Cloud. (Suggestion: When your internet is down, may be you can use your mobile data and connect)

Yes you can have in any language what so ever.

Yes you can give multiple quotations to the customer.

Yes you can do internal chat with in the company among employees.

Yes you can send an email or Text.

Yes through chat and email. (If needed we will call over the phone)

No contract necessary. You can cancel any time. You will be paying month-to-month.

Yes. You will be paying monthly depending on the package what you buy. There is one time installation/Setup fees.

Yes you can do bulk email/SMS marketing for your customers

Yes from your Laptop, Tablet or smart phone.

Yes you can print the shipping labels.

Data is 100% secured.

Yes you can do any type of promotional sale and you can advertise through email/SMS.

Yes we provide training.

Yes you can cancel any time. No questions asked.

App is in under development.

Yes there is a calendar and you can have automatic reminder setup.