Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you will have access to a two-week trial at our initial encounter. If you decide to subscribe and purchase on day one, you will be covered under our 30-Day Customer Satisfaction Guarantee Policy”

Yes, you will be able to get orders directly from your website to the BMSLink application.

No, internet connection is required to connect to the BMSLink application which is cloud-based. Suggestion: when your internet is down, use your mobile data hot spot in the interim to connect until the carrier has resolved the network issue.

Yes, you can provide multi-quotes to help customers make decisions and as a result, finalize an order.

We provide all clients with access to our messaging tool to keep close contact with each other – keeping in touch on a weekly basis will be important for both parties.

During the collaboration, we will provide you with access to the project-specific chat board and main team email address. You will also have access to the Product and Project Management team for support.

You will have access to the software using a Desktop, Laptop, Tablet (Android or iOS compatible) also any smartphone.

Yes, the software is customizable and can integrate with accounting tools like QuickBooks.

Typically a basic software installation takes less than a day, but if a large amount of business data has to be uploaded then this will take longer. The timeline is customized based on your business needs and amount of data supporting those needs.

Yes, you will be able to send an SMS and/or email message to customers with a click of a button through BMSLink.

If you purchase a basic retailer or wholesaler subscription with no added customization work, then no contract will be necessary. If customization is required to meet your business needs, then a Master Services Agreement (MSA) will be required, along with a Statement of Work (SOW) to ensure client requirements are met successfully.