Blinds Software California

BMSLink is not just another blinds software in California, it is a business solution that lets you manage your business as a Retailer or Wholesaler with more efficiency and speed. The shades software in California is loaded with useful features that allow your staff members to be more efficient and get rid of redundancies and avoid costly mistakes. It is a perfect solution for you if you are looking for a shutters software in California that will allow you to manage your window treatment business from anywhere and anytime. It offers remote access to all the information business decision-makers need to keep their business growing. Have a look at the features that make the software worth it.

Blinds Software California Multi quote

Blinds Software California fileMulti-quote

Send multiple quotes to the same clients to help them feel important and close the deals quickly!

Blinds Software California 9 solutionsOne System, 9 Solutions

This software has 9 different solutions that make business management easier. From sending quotes to tracking deliveries and everything in between can be handled deftly.

Blinds Software California 9 systems
Blinds Software California reduces operation cost

Blinds Software California dollarReduces Operational Cost

If you are a Retailer and Wholesaler of drapes in California, you’d love the fact that this software reduces operational costs from day one streamlining internal operations.

Blinds Software California wfmWork from Anywhere

Remote access to the software leads to better team collaboration, smarter team monitoring, and quicker decision making.

Blinds Software California work from anywhere
Blinds Software California easy accounting

Blinds Software California accountsEasy Accounting

Thanks to its ability to be linked with QuickBooks, the software will help to make sure that every penny is accounted for.

Blinds Software California calenderStreamlined Appointments

Setting up and managing multiple appointments is easier than ever. It can be done with a few clicks only.

Blinds Software California Streamlined Appointments