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Blinds Estimating Software  Blinds Estimating Software is changing the way the window treatment industry operates 7

Blinds Estimating Software is changing the way the window treatment industry operates

In the windows treatment industry, small businesses are using Blinds Estimating Software Online to experience heightened success and deliver products to customers on time. With Wholesalers and Retailers opting to use such software the demand for affordably priced plans has gone up. In addition to affordability, small businesses are looking for features that are tailored to meet their needs. Continue reading if you want details and features of the best available software in the window treatment industry and how some packages are better than the rest.

Software features that are indispensable to the sales department

One of the major advantages of Blinds Estimating Software Online is that it can be used by all departments in a Wholesaler or Retailer in the window treatment industry. Importantly, the software is most useful in the sales department where it is used for creating accurate estimates and quotes. The software which is hosted in the cloud is accessible via browsers. Using this easy accessibility, Wholesaler and Retailers can create quotes even when they are in the field.

The sales agent can use the software on tablets, smartphones, laptops and other handheld devices. They can then create quotes and estimates in the software which will prompt them to input correct measurements. With prompts provided by the software, sales agents can also ensure that the correct accessories and hardware are chosen for window treatments. All of these features in the software allow sales agents to create highly accurate quotes and orders and the need for redoing them is eliminated.

Secure storage and Access to data

Another major feature of Blinds Estimating Software Online is that it can be used to store a large amount of data. Wholesalers and Retailers, therefore, never have to store customer information, price tables, photos and catalogs in filing cabinets where they can be stolen or misplaced. Instead, all the data is stored on secure servers that are hosted in data centers. Once data is required to create an estimate, quote or answer a customer query, it can be pulled up from within the software. Additionally, the data can be accessed within seconds and customers do not have been kept waiting.

Auto population of forms

There are several types of Blinds Estimating Software Online available in the market. However, when the best software is used businesses get access to unique features, such as the auto-population of forms. Making use of the auto-population feature sales agents can create estimates and orders without relying on manual entry. They just have to select the correct number from a list available and therefore they can create estimates within minutes. This auto-population feature also helps keep human errors made when creating estimates to a minimum.

Enables quick resolution of customer issues

Providers of Estimating Software to Wholesalers and Retailers in the window treatment industry, also ensure that monthly plans have features that simplify the process of providing top-notch customer support easier. Importantly, all departments including the customer support department can access a common store of data. Therefore, there is no duplication of customer records, products, and other information. This reduction of duplicate records also results in fewer errors creeping into products. Additionally, in case customers have problems with particular products the details about them can be accessed within minutes. Customer support issues, as a result, are handled and resolved faster and they are not kept waiting.

As Estimating Software is increasingly being used by small businesses their features have been changing to meet the demands of these companies. Also, such software is being offered in affordably priced monthly plans which are ideal for small-sized Wholesalers and Retailers. At BMSLink Software we have plans that meet the needs of small businesses in the window treatment industry, contact us and we will set up a trial to help you understand our offering better.




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