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Blinds Estimating Software helps businesses generate quotes within minutes 03

Blinds Estimating Software helps businesses generate quotes within minutes

Running a small business in the window treatment market often means entering into a fierce race against competitors and trying to win orders before they do. Blinds Estimating Software in this situation is increasingly being used to create accurate quotes within minutes, which are then electronically delivered to customers. Below we look at the other benefits that such software brings to small businesses in the window treatment market.

Quotes are created in the field and delivered within minutes

With the aid of Blinds Estimating Software, sales agents and employees can create quotes in the field and even when they are in a customer’s home. Agents, therefore, do not have to wait to return to the office to search for and find catalogs and files stored in filing cabinets and make quotes. Instead, while they are in the field, they can access catalog and templates stored in the software and use these to create the quotes.

The software offered by BMSLink can be customized and specific data required by businesses can be stored with ease. With businesses able to store details about several hundred products, accessories, fabrics, and price tables the process of creating quotes is simplified. Importantly data can be pulled into quotes and auto-filled into specific sections, and this reduces the need for typing information.

Accurate measurements and details are recorded in quotes and orders

The software importantly has built-in limitations which ensure that the agents do not enter wrong measurements or input the wrong price on a product. The software is also able to deliver prompts to agents and remind them to check measurements and details of window treatments. So when estimating software is in use, quotes and orders are created with accurate information. This high accuracy, in turn, reduces the need for redoing or rectifying orders down the line, and so additional fabric does not have to be purchased when creating shades, shutters, and blinds.

Software can be used from various mobile devices

Agents with access to BMSLink’s state of the art Blinds Estimating Software do not have to take their laptops with them when working in the field. Instead, as the software can be accessed via a browser it can be used on any mobile device ranging from smartphones to tablets. The software can also be used on mobile devices that are running Android and iOS so agents have true flexibility when working and are not limited by the type of device they use. Using mobile devices, agents can create quotes when they are in the customers’ home and even take the final order and process payments.

Unlimited options for configuring the software

Companies such as BMSLink allow for Wholesalers and Retailers in the window treatment space to configure an unlimited number of products and various brands into their software. Customers of BMSLink just have to decide on which software package they want to use, and pay for access to it. Once they have access to the software they can upload data about products, catalogs, and images required and start creating quotes and orders.

Orders and jobs are tracked through the software

When estimating software is used in businesses that create window treatments, the need for manual tracking of jobs is reduced. Instead, as soon as the order is finalized with the customer and the payment processed, it is routed to the next department. This instantaneous routing of the order means that the production department can immediately start working on acquiring the raw materials for the blinds and start assembling them.

Orders, once they are taken, are also tracked as they are handled in each department within the company and automatic reminders are sent out to employees. As each order is tracked until it is delivered and installed in a customers’ home, orders are never ignored or forgotten. As a result, deadlines are met effortlessly and customers remain satisfied and loyal.

With the aid of BMSLink, small businesses are discovering new and improved ways to function, while keeping customers satisfied and earning more profits. BMSLink, therefore, has become a preferred partner for small businesses in the window treatment industry. Contact us if you need to know more about estimating software and how it can help your small business generate high-quality quotes while reducing operating costs.

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