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Blinds Business ERP is helping small businesses become profitable Blinds business ERP Blog

Blinds Business ERP is helping small businesses become profitable

Ensuring that a small business in the window treatment industry is profitable often means improving the functioning of all departments. With the aid of Blinds Business ERP software, the process of improving operations with a company is smooth. Additionally, ERP software when used in businesses that create blinds, shades, and shutters helps them overcome hurdles and become profitable faster. Keep reading to learn how business ERP software is useful.

Simplifies Data Flow

The main benefit of Blinds Business ERP is that data can flow through the company without any hassle and be shared easily. This seamless transmission of data allows for sales agents to quickly access product details and pricing whether they are in the field or in the office, and results in the quicker creation of quotes. Orders from customers can also be taken faster as the ERP allows for payments to be received in the field. Customer data whether historical or current can also be accessed via the enterprise resource planning software, and various departments can use it. With data flow through the company simplified, the instances of duplicate records being created are reduced and errors are minimized.

Streamlines the operation of departments

When Blinds Business ERP software such as BMSLink is used, it results in the operation of various departments within a small business being streamlined. The sales department can reduce reliance on product data stored in files and existing employees can win more orders daily without working extra hours. Other departments that benefit from ERP software include the production department, as accurate estimates of raw materials needed for each order can be made. This heightened accuracy when creating blinds, shades, and shutters results in less wastage of raw materials. While the customer support department can rely on the software to handle problems related to products and resolve them at a faster pace.

Operational costs are reduced

ERP software allows for a variety of operational costs in Wholesalers and Retailers of window treatments to be cut out completely or reduced. Importantly once data from catalogs and other paper-based documents are transferred to the ERP software, the need for storing files is done away with. This allows for small businesses to save on space and the manual labor required for maintaining filing cabinets. Administrative time is also reduced and employees can use the time saved to perform other tasks. Since current employees can utilize their time more effectively in a small business the need for hiring new staff is also reduced.

Businesses benefit from accurate reports

Since ERP software delivers accurate reports based on current data the management in window treatment Wholesalers and Retailers, can make effective business decisions. Based on these reports managers in various departments within a small business can also make changes to how they function and improve profits.

Affordable pricing plans and unique software features

ERP software similar to what is offered by BMSLink is specifically designed to meet the needs of small businesses that operate as Wholesalers and Retailers in the window treatment industry. Additionally, the software is priced affordably and allows for small businesses to invest in a plan that is ideal for their needs. Each plan also has several unique features that help Wholesalers or Retailers reduce the time and effort needed to create window treatments.

Using BMSLink software Wholesalers and Retailers in the window treatment industry have discovered that they do not have to spend more money on operations. As they save on operation costs, small businesses are increasingly finding out that there are several other benefits to be had when using ERP software daily. To learn how BMSLink can help your company excel in the window treatment industry, contact us to experience a free trial of our software.

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