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Benefits of Using Software for your Shades and Shutters Wholesale Business


Technology has made it possible to simplify and streamline business processes. Use of software can help any business to facilitate a number of processes with a minimal amount of time. But not any software will help. You need to use the right software that offers benefits to your specific line of business.

Yes, use of software is now not restricted to only a few business categories such as banking or finance. If you want to use software for your wholesale shades and shutters business then you do have options. You can find details about shades Wholesaler’s software online by checking the websites of companies who make them.

If you are still on the fence about using software for your wholesale shades business then consider these benefits of using one.

Selection of Useful Features

Provide multiple quotes –

A big part of shades or shutters business is to provide quotes to customers. It can get tedious to prepare quotes for different range of products and send it to the customer one after the other. But you can provide side-by-side multiple quotes using the software and save your and the customers’ time.

Run your business from anywhere –

Cloud-based Software will allow you to work from anywhere and anytime. You can opt for software that offers you this feature if you really wish to change how your business operates in this 24/7 digital world. You can easily run your business processes even when you are at a client’s location and need to quickly provide a quote or check on the status of an order.

Track appointments –

It is especially easy to manage appointments using the software. You can even schedule appointments with your customers or send reminders to stakeholders including your employees.

Send bulk emails –

Businesses need to send bulk messages or emails very often. It can be time-consuming to do this without the use of the right software. Choosing one that allows you to send bulk SMS or emails to your business associates can be extremely helpful.

Split orders –

Wholesalers often need to split their orders they receive from Retailers. You can easily split your orders between one or more vendors using software designed specifically for Wholesalers of shades, blinds, shutters or draperies.

Accounting made Easy

You can easily find software for your shades and blinds business that allows integration with popular accounting software. Using such software will help you check your accounting anywhere and anytime in asecured manner.

Reduced Operation Costs

Using software for your business can help you reduce or even minimize paperwork. It can help you or your employees to handle multiple jobs quite efficiently. When all aspects of your businesses are present within a single software platform; you can avoid redundancy and complete tasks without errors and complications.

Option of Free Trials

Before you invest money in software for your wholesale shades business, you can easily opt for free trials to test it out for your operations. As a business owner, it is perfectly understandable to be apprehensive about a new purchase. There is no way to know if the investment might be worth it.

So, the option to use free trials can be extremely beneficial in this regard. You can easily find shades Wholesalers’ software online that comes with a free trial option.

Choice of Special Wholesale Packages

The needs of Wholesalers differ from those of Retailers in the same business category. So, you need software aimed at making business processes simpler by keeping the special needs of Wholesalers in mind.

The right software will offer Wholesalers the ease of accepting new orders from Retailers. It will also enable ease of receiving payments from them.


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