There is an abundance of choice when it comes to understanding what the vast world of Blinds and Shades offer for a window. This article should help clear out all confusion by listing out all the types and what they are best suited for. With that said, there may be a few that might have […]

In an ever-growing world that’s getting better in every context, the living and working conditions have improved substantially. With customers having new needs for aesthetically pleasing home and work spaces, the window market is evolving. And the U.S window market keeps getting bigger and better to cater to all these needs. Trade trends: The global […]

A trusty management software is an essential platform for businesses. There are many software products in the market designed to cater to the extensive needs of window retail businesses. These software products handle the business in its entirety with a wide variety of features including appointments, catalog maintenance, accounting, order management and many more. Here […]