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Wholesalers and Retailers of Blinds, Shades and Shutters

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Easy-2-Use Software for

Retailers with/without Manufacturing
Wholesalers with Manufacturing



BMS Link Software will provide Many solutions, Eases the communication with the customers or Wholesalers.



Eliminates the paperwork, removes the redundant work, One person can do multiple jobs efficiently without errors.



Since BMS Link is cloud based, you can use it from Office, home, on the Road, at client’s Location or while you are out of town on a Vacation.



BMS Link software provides QuickBooks integration and you can look at the accounting from anywhere in the world and it is 100% secured.

Top Features

icon blinds Home home Appointment


Setup or track appointments and send reminders to the customers or employees.

icon blinds Home home Shipping

Split Orders

When a wholesaler gets an order from retailer, the wholesaler can split the order where he can manufacture some and send the remaining order to another wholesalers.

icon blinds Home home MultiQuote


Multiple quotations can be given side by side to the customer. Customer will get a clear idea and they can compare the prices & value for Blinds, Shutters etc. before finalising the product.

icon blinds Home home Ordering

Orders to Outside Wholesalers

Retailer can order to any wholesalers who are not using the BMSLink software.

icon blinds Home home Catalog

Bulk SMS/Email

Wholesaler or retailer can send a Newsletter or Sales information simultaneously for a large group of customers/Retailers/Suppliers

icon blinds Home home Sales Commission

Sales Commission

Sales, commission of one employee or multiple employees can be tracked on daily/monthly/project basis.

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What we offer

Wholesaler Package

As a wholesaler you can take orders from the retailers through BMS Link where the retailers can see and order the products, and do the payments automatically with a click of a button.

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What we offer

Retailer Package

As a Retailer you can provide multiple quote to an end customer, and once the order is finalized you can send the order to the wholesaler with in BMSLink or outside the BMSLink, do the payment and track the order and set up a date for the installation for end customer.

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It's for Everyone

Basic blinds Home BASIC
  • Accounting
  • Gallery (Basic)
  • Settings (Basic)
  • Order to Wholesaler
Pro blinds Home PRO

$299 / month
 + $3,999 one time

  • Suppliers
  • Production (MFG)
  • Inventory
  • Shipping
Wholesaler (Domestic)

$399 / month
 + $3,999 one time

  • Catalog
  • Gallery (Advanced)
  • Manage Orders
  • Manage Retailers
  • Suppliers
  • Bulk SMS/Email
  • Split Order with other Wholesalers
  • Buy from other Wholesalers
  • Accounting (Quickbooks)
  • Sales Commission
  • Production (MFG)
  • Inventory
  • Shipping
  • Dedicated Customer Support
Wholesaler (International)

$499 / month
 + $4,999 one time

  • International Orders (Export)
  • World Currency
  • CMs & Inches
  • Menus in Local Language

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