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Easy-2-Use Shutters and Blinds Software for

Retailers with/without Manufacturing
Wholesalers with Manufacturing



BMSLink for Wholesalers and Retailers provides many solutions to support day-to-day business operations.



Eliminates paper trail, removes redundant work/duplicate entry and provides the ability to work more effectively resulting in an increased productivity rate.



A cloud-based application that processes and stores data online which provides more reliability and uptime.



Ability to integrate third-party accounting applications (i.e. QuickBooks). Users have the ability to manage and monitor financial details from anywhere around the world and it is 100% secured.

Top Features

icon blinds Home home Shipping

International Orders (Split Ordering)

Wholesalers can split small to large retail orders for manufacturing purposes at multiple locations.

icon blinds Home home MultiQuote


Multiple quotations in a side-by-side format can be provided to customers for visibility on product pricing and value.

icon blinds Home home Ordering

External Wholesale Orders

Retailers can make orders through the system to those wholesalers that are not software users.

icon blinds Home home Appointment


Set up, track, update appointments and send reminders.

icon blinds Home home Sales Commission

Track Sales Commissions

Track sales and commissions across all employees on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

icon blinds Home home Catalog

SMS/Email Marketing

Users can send retailer and wholesaler supporting sales and marketing documents to specific a specific person or group.

What we offer

Wholesaler Package

As a wholesaler, you can receive orders from the retailer through BMSLink. Retailers will be able to view, order products and automatically make payments with a click of a button using this window covering order management software.

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What we offer

Retailer Package

As a retailer, you can provide multiple quotes to customers using this window covering software. Once the order is finalized, you can send the order to the Wholesaler in BMSLink or externally. From there, you will have the ability to track payments, orders and schedule installations for end customers.

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It's for Everyone

Pro blinds Home PRO

 + $4,999 One-Time Setup

  • Suppliers
  • Production (MFG)
  • Inventory
  • Shipping

 + $4,999 $5,999One-Time Setup

  • Catalog
  • Gallery (Advanced)
  • Manage Orders
  • Manage Retailers
  • Suppliers
  • Bulk SMS/Email
  • Split Order with other Wholesalers
  • Buy from other Wholesalers
  • Accounting (Quickbooks)
  • Sales Commission
  • Production (MFG)
  • Inventory
  • Shipping
  • Dedicated Customer Support
Basic blinds Home BASIC

Free Basic

for every Wholesaler.

  • Accounting
  • Gallery (Basic)
  • Settings (Basic)
  • Order to Wholesaler

 + $5,999$6,999One-Time Setup

  • International Orders (Export)
  • World Currency
  • CMs & Inches
  • Menus in Local Language

30-Day Customer Satisfaction Gaurantee

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Eric c1 120x120 blinds Home c1 120x120

My friend recommended the BMSLink software, so decided to give it a try. The software is pretty neat with tons of features available. They were able to customize specific areas that worked better for my business which was very convenient. It was easy to deal with this company and you can see the passion they had for what they’ve built. I had a chance to speak with the CEO and he’s a very knowledgeable guy as well! Glad to see someone in our industry that has built software like this!


Myra c3 120x120 blinds Home c3 120x120

Very friendly and productive team! They have the right technical experience to set-up your business on the software the right way during the initial implementation. They don’t mind jumping on a call when it’s required on a weekly basis. It was great to see that this software integrated with accounting applications like QuickBooks which is right up my business’ alley! One less thing to worry about. This software has allowed my business to work more efficiently and customer’s definitely enjoy what the software brings to them as well! The side-by-side multi quotes that help them make final decisions easier. Thanks again, BMS team!


Thomas c2 120x120 blinds Home c2 120x120

I was looking for software to use at my retail blinds business in Omaha. I checked with two different software companies and they were quite expensive, so I was using Excel sheets to manage my business up until now. I came across BMSLink and really enjoyed my first interaction with the BMS team and was satisfied with the product after testing it out during the 2 week trial period. Super efficient and keeps my business process organized and employees aligned – cuts out the paper trail! I’m happy to say that using this software has saved me more than $3000/month. I highly recommend this software for any window-related small business.


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